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Online Speed Reading Review

Why Choose Online Speed Reading?

With piles of work emails, reports and school assignments, who has time to read their favorite books? Whether you just want to find some extra time to read the daily newspaper or you are looking for a way to catch up in school or at work, online speed reading courses are versatile solutions for everyone. These programs require very little commitment, but the skills taught can be useful for personal or business use. The progress is measurable and can be significant. Your reading speed improvement will all depend on the amount of time you dedicate to practicing the skills you learn.

Online speed reading courses are more convenient and accessible than speed reading software. You can access these courses anywhere you have a computer with an internet connection. This is perfect for students that are using campus computers, home desktops and a netbook. Also, business professionals who have personal computers and work computers can access the programs no matter where they are.

The online speed reading courses focus on increasing reading speed and comprehension simultaneously. You don’t have to sacrifice reading comprehension just because you are speeding up your reading. Some good online reading programs with innovative and simple-to-use techniques are RocketReader and Fastreaders. However, the best speed reading course we reviewed was the Rev It Up Reading course. While these three courses differ in approach, the end results are similar: faster, more effective reading. For more information, go to our articles on online speed reading courses.

Online Speed Reading Courses: What to Look For

Each online course focuses on different areas and emphasizes a different skill set. However, there are some very similar attributes to each course. Also, some of the approaches are more effective than others. To help you find the best online speed reading courses we tested, ranked and reviewed them on the following criteria:

In this section we look at the basic features offered by the application. We look especially for progressing teaching modules that will not only test your reading speed, but will offer simple and effective ways to read quicker. The best accelerated reading courses build from one learning module to the next. The modules are done at your own pace. You can take a few weeks to finish the course, or a few months. However, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

In this section we also look for some of the smaller features that make the service easier to use. For example, we look for the option to increase the text size so it’s easy to see. We look at the different reading options offered, whether it’s a book or content you upload yourself. Also, we look for additional resources such as downloadable books, webinars and podcasts.

Exercises and Tests
The basic premise of the exercises and tests is to record and track your progress as you implement the skills taught to you in the course. The reading tests are timed and some of the courses will help you track your progress online. The courses will help you by teaching you a variety of skills. Some of the popular categories of skills include the following:

* Peripheral vision
* Comprehension
* Phrasing
* Reading Organization
* Flash Exercises

Ease of Use
In this section we review how simple it is to following the course. We do not review how difficult the reading tests are. All the online reading courses we reviewed are primarily designed for adults. While there are some limited games and easy-to-read documents, the designed audience is those who already know how to read.

Help & Support
Whether you can’t log in to your account or you don’t understand one of the lessons taught, you’ll eventually need to contact the customer support team. We test and review each customer support option offered by the online speed reading courses.

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